car-toon update 03-01-09

Megathanks to all who submitted punchlines and made the car-toons postings so fun. They have all been unposted and tucked away for another 20 years. I owe original art to all punchline submitters. I have addresses for, or will hand deliver to:
Jim Woodring

I need current addresses for:
Emery Calame
Marc Arsenault
Chuck Dillon

Those of you who have given me your address recently, do it again. I am just no damn good at saving them! Leave your address here in the comments, or send it to lasagnalagna-at-yahoo-dot-com.

The WINNER, as chosen by our panel of judges ME, is Emery Calame, punchline writer savant! But of course there are never any losers at jabberous, so all submitters get a prize!

click here to see my squirrel-proof birdfeeder...



~ tOkKa said...

-->> .. .. o ' i see, put it's perfectly ok for the woodpeckers and pigeons to pick at the squirrel's food.

gees.. democracy is so confusing.


mike Lemos said...

Eh, maybe a launcher would be more fun, dunno...

Jed said...

What was the winning caption?

Mark Martin said...

Oh, I dunno. Emery had a bunch! I never picked just ONE, but he sure had a lot of great ones.