Criswell Predicts!

The scatterbrain me and the anal retentive me are constantly at war.

Yesterday I combed the house and made a list of all of the things I want to "get to" and took a major stab at getting it organized.


Crazy Boss is not on the calendar because: It's official. Household income temporarily reduced (Thank you, Wall Street and Congress, you pathetic pieces of shit). So I have to concentrate on things that have more immediate $ potential. I'm working on one more page, which is the "prologue to the epilogue", then this epilogue section of the book will be complete. Seems like a tidy spot to back-burner the thing. I WILL be messing around with it in the background as much as I can, but no more posts for at least a few months.

There will also be (at least) 7 more "Gag Me" cartoons over the next couple of weeks.

Just because it says "KID BOOK" in October/November does not mean I will FINISH the kid book. It just means I'd like to knock a major dent in it. But if $-making schemes are afoot during that time, I'll have to re-schedule the kid book and bla bla bla...

"Wabble Wowsers" is the name of my comic strip. If you were around way back when I first started working on it, you may recall that the working title was "Wabbit". Again, the fact that it's on the calendar only means I'd like to knock a huge dent in it.

The unreadable Saturdays boxed in pink contain domestic household projects that need to be addressed.

"PRAGUE??" has two question marks for obvious reasons. (Thank you, UAW and Barney Frank, you gutless wonders.)

OK, bring it on. I know somebody has to tell me now that it's all Bush's fault. I blame him too - a lot,! - but not entirely.

The red toolbox is decorated by Michael Hall. It's the ABC network DC comics SUPER FRIENDS and all of their important copyright notices. A Christmas present from Benny a couple of years ago!


HemlockMan said...

I don't blame Bush totally, because he is a mentally retarded asswipe. He never really "decided" anything. He was just a figure(block)head. But, yeah, it's all the Bush Administration's fault. (And Reagan's.)

Sorry about the pressure of money, etc. I have not forgotten what it's like to earn a living freelance. It can often totally suck. The scatterbrain you and the anal retentive you need an order-freak you to keep things in order. Of course the head tends to get a bit crowded and then all bets are off.


eeTeeD said...

any possibility of picking up some spongebob work?

Mark Martin said...

hmmm - I think that's another thing I'll put on the FAQ.

Working on other people's licensed characters and have to follow a strict style guide is very low on my list of things I hope I can scare up. I guess I'll do it if it becomes available... but honestly, I may NOT, if I have to follow a %$#$% style bible.

HemlockMan said...

You should try to get work with John Kricfalusi. He almost hates anyone who follows a style bible.