out of sorts

NOTE: Most of the songs are offline now. Snooze / lose. I'll link to some fresh ones soon.

"Out of Sorts" is a cool little tune by Agent Square. It may have to grow on you. It sounds a little wimpy at first, but it's layered - at least I have grown to love it. Agent Square was a band headed by John Last-Name-Unknown (you know I'm TERRIBLE with names!!!). John worked at Dyna-Type with our old pal Benny back in the day. Alas, a google search for Agent Square turned up zilch, so I guess they're not rocking the Casbah today. This may be your last chance to grab "Out of Sorts" or at least check it out, so why not stop and smell the Agent Square?

The image above is IMAGE ONE from a google image search for "Agent Square". Cosmic, huh?

While I'm at it, here are some songs I have posted at Facebook for various reasons. Get 'em while you can. Of course, these are meant to INTRODUCE YOU to some music you may be unaware of. Buy the Cd and support the artist if you like anything. You know the rules of karma! (I think you can download "Cumpare/Bubbles" and NOT buy the CD, if it exists, with no damage to your karma!) Ah, who am I kidding? I got "Bye Bye" off one of Brigham's CDs and have never bought a Marcy Playground CD in my life! But I might! If Brigham didn't already have it! Come to think of it, I have no idea where "Magic Carpet Ride" came from in my long history of music grabbing, and have never heard of or seen the group Slash anywhere since. I think I'll google them right now! Well whattya know! "They" are a "he"!

But I did buy a Garrison Starr CD after I heard "Silent Night"! YAY ME!

"Bye Bye" - Marcy Playground

"Ay Cumpare" - Julius LaRosa + "Bubbles in the Wine - Lawrence Welk

"Silent Night" - Garrison Starr

"Magic Carpet Ride" - Slash


eeTeeD said...

also no luck


Mark Martin said...

What you mean "no luck"? That's them!

Oh wait - I see. When you click the link to buy, it ain't there!

I was gonna buy it too. I got "out of sorts" off a cassette and it only had about 10 songs.

I shall contact Benny for further instructions...

Emery Calame said...

I guess that digital parrot is what "Clippy" the accursed bastard MS Office animated paper clip evolved into.

Someday I'm going to make a simple video game where you stalk Clippy across an old Windows desktop and murder him with some kind of pneumatic power tool.

HemlockMan said...

I liked that first tune. The voice is familiar. Sounds like classic pop.

I don't have a Facebook account anymore. All of my brothers and sisters joined it and I hate their guts so I had to go.

Benny said...

Pumpie! It's John Walker! He's a facebooker too! And so is John Evans, the guy who painted the two chinamen in the river.
I can hook you up!

Chris_Garrison said...

John Walker, now of Rosemary Stretch - http://rosemarystretch.com/

Other contributors to Agent Square now contribute to 13ghosts - http://13ghostsmusic.com/