come "down east" to maine's lakes, woods and shores


HemlockMan said...

First time my wife and I visited the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Maine we would not at all have been surprised to see that thing rising out of the smelly sea.

eeTeeD said...

these travelogue images are really wild, and look like something that would have appeared in the early 60's feldstein-edited mad magazine.

what inspired you to do them... and aren't you supposed to be working on a dozen other projects?

Mark Martin said...

h-man: not a big fan of Maine?

eeT: I got this book "Around The USA" out of the free pile at work, and started sketching in it. It's SUPPOSED to be a spare-time thing, just something to fool around with while I'm waiting for the scanner etc. But I get caught up in it, and you're right, I have a dozen other things I need to do. This is why I call my book that is one of those dozen things "Focus-Challenged".

But hey, I'm on vacation, and I DID finish the one thing that I had as a goal for this week, so I guess it all works out eventually.

slatts said...


There goes my vacation!