portrait for a neighbor

(image deleted - will re-post soon...)

This is not a grayscale image. I painted it this way. I could never get the subtle skin tones of this image to look right. Or the hair. Etc.

This is probably the last portrait for a friend or neighbor that I will ever do. I hate to say no, but I am never happy with the results.


HemlockMan said...

I used to know a Frazetta plagiarist who refused to do portraits for his friends and relatives. At first I couldn't figure out why he wouldn't do them, and slowly I realized that he had no talent. If he couldn't copy from a Frazetta original or copy something via lightbox, his work sucked ass.

Mark Martin said...

I'm working on it again. It looks dead, and I just found out why. I'll post it again later, after I fix it