good enough

Not really. It'll just have to do. Battling a dayjob deadline and a freelance deadline and some SUPERBAD pollen (am I getting older, or is pollen getting potenter? The last 2 springs have been brutal!), I heroically made my way downstairs and took a picture to share with you. My camera sucks and I'm a lousy photographer, and it's dark in the area where this thing hangs... Screw it, I'm not going back down there again!

This is an antique chalkboard that used to deliver occasion-specific greetings to guests entering our home. But it has gotten so old and slick that it won't take the chalk any more, so I just put this permanent greeting on it with acrylic paint. Left-to right is me, Cocoa, World's Greatest Cook, Dear Old Sainted Daisy, Brigham, and that dumbass cat Garbo. The thing laying on the chalk tray is Daisy's collar and her last bow.

I'll take a better picture someday. Or I'll make Janet come up here and take one for me.


eeTeeD said...

very cute!

if you were having trouble with the board not holding chalk, did you consider trying that chalkboard paint that people use on children's walls?

ah, and please don't call that poor cat names!


Mark Martin said...

Yes I did think about chalkboard paint. But WGC wanted it prettied up in time for a dinner party and I did not have any handy.

I could always paint over it with chalkboard paint - except for the fact that WGC will NEVER let me paint over it now!

Anonymous said...

You got that right! I love that picture our family! I love the way you drew it and the fact my Daisy is in there. I guess you'll have to get another chaulkboard to add to our collection.

slatts said...

Oh, I'll miss that board. It's not like I've seen the many changes it's gone through but I often saw it on an annual basis at your Christmas party. Usually it was a "Christmas theme" for obvious reasons. But I remember one year some "story" about a crazy snow plow driver or the similar.

Great final "finish" to the Martin's chalk board greeter!

dogboy443 said...

Very sweet that you placed Daisy's personal items on the board. I have my dogs' collars on my desk at home and I often find myself holding them when I'm over-stressed and need to relax.