calling all cars! calling all cars!

Be on the lookout for "Crimefighter", Jed Alexander's new comic book. Appearing at APE con, if not sooner. Mostly comics by Jed, plus a couple of surprises by Rick Grimes and me. I created this imprint for the cover. Jazzy, huh? It's corporate, yet funny!


eeTeeD said...

the logo looks slick and impressive.

is this comic the one jed has been working on... the one he posted some pages of... on one page some people were talking about how to disperse a large budget if i remember correctly.

slatts said...

Absolutely cool, man!

Samples of your stuff?

HemlockMan said...

Kickass logo!

I went to an early APE when it was held in Washington DC. I spent a lot of money in there. There were hardly any superhero comics, thank Jove.

HemlockMan said...

Excellent work.

Mark Martin said...

I'll let Jed fill in the blanks. Keep an eye on his blog. Or he may answer here.

Jed said...

It's not the one you're thinking of Eeteed. that one got scrapped. Maybe I'll end up doing something with that some day, but no time soon.

This book will mostly be stuff I've posted on my website and blog more recently. The two main stories are wordless satirical superhero stories, thus the name. I had a couple of extra pages leftover, so I asked Rick Grimes if he wanted to throw in a pin-up or something and he ended up offering a 6 pager. Then I asked Mark, and he's going to throw in 4 pages, and so I actually had to make the book considerably longer, which only cost me a few pennies more. (I'm going the Ka-blam route like you did).

And look at the great logo Mark did!

I think it's going to be a really fun package! Hopefully my work doesn't end up looking TOO shabby alongside Rick and Mark's. I'm really excited about the book!

eeTeeD said...

this all sounds fantastic and very exciting, and i wish you great success!

and mark,
i'm glad to hear that you are willing to help your blog buddies fill up their pages. i'm behind on the henbanes, and the page count keeps growing. so if you could do around 60 pages of the comic for me, that would be a huge help.

Chuck said...

Mark, you have done some cool stuff in the past but this just blows me away. Brilliant!

Rick Grimes said...

More like the other way 'round, Jed,
for my part.

Great 'travel zen' logo, M.M.
It's something I would tear off a
restaurant napkin or out of a newspaper/magazine and saved with
my zillion others.

And thanks for the link.

Jed said...

Correction: 8 pages from Rick Grimes!

Jed said...

Thanks for the well wishes Eeteed! And good luck with your own comic! Exciting that it's become such an ambitious project!

My comic is, as the logo says, a "vanity" project. Really not a commercial venture, so just its existence is success enough for me. I hope it finds its way into the hands of people who will dig it, and maybe they'll discover some artists they may not have known about otherwise (myself included!)

And I've been a fan of Rick's since I was in my teens, so he's just being modest. Everybody check out Rick's fansite and see his awesome work!

BonzoGal said...

I will welcome you to my fair city- we can have a Jaberee Jamboree!

p.s. My "word verification" is "lumaxa" which sounds like a new drug name. "Ask your doctor about Lumaxa! Possible side effects may include projectile lung oysters, bleeding from the earlobes and explosive armpit lesions."