i'm exhausted

Just thought I'd pop in and say SOMEthing here. I'm busy doing all kinds of "administrative" work on some (potential!) book collections. It's kind of maddening and frustrating to have to do all that when I'd rather be drawing, but that's what's eating up a lot of my time lately. It's boring tedious stuff, and I don't want to get on here and blog about drudgery, but I just did. So shoot me.

Politics has been on my mind a lot lately, but I don't want to get on here and rant and rave like SOME PEOPLE I KNOW did for the previous 8 years, especially since 99% of the readers of this blog disagree with me. Why bother? Why argue?

I've been "bacheloring" for 11 days while The World's Greatest Cook house-sits for a neighbor and I have had it up to here with cat litter! That's her job! She promised she'd do it when she got the damn cat and by God I'm holding her to it! But while I'm bacheloring I can't very well just let it overflow, now can I? It will all be over at 10:00 pm tonight when she returns, and not a moment too soon. As you can see, my normally cheerful outlook has reached Hatey Smurf level!

Hey, this guy Miles Fisher has a new 4-song EP that you can download for FREE, and 3 of the songs are awesome in my book. There you go, how's that for something that is not Hatey? Go get it! You may like it too. I am too grouchy to find the link now, but you can google it up. Also check out his video that mashes up a Talking Heads song (I forgot the title) and faux American Psycho footage. It's amazingly well-done.

The heat and humidity of the Dog Days of Summer piss me off. If you think I'm grouchy now, you should have seen me when I lived in Alabama where it is hotter and humider.

I'm finishing up a good book-on-tape. "Pagan Babies" by Ellmore Leonard, read by Steve Buscemi. Anybody want it next? First come, first served. Free to the first person who promises me something equally neat in return. So I guess that's not exactly "free" but come on, I'm not going to package and mail this thing to the first bum who says "I want it" for nothing! What's in it for ME?!?

This damn heat and humidity makes me feel like I'm about to vomit.


Jed said...

I've listened to that one. Good reader, Buscemi. I've got a ton of Leonard MP3s you know.

Well knowing this, I feel just a little bit guilty asking you to do all you've done for my book. I'm glad you're putting together some collections of your work finally though! Isn't digital publishing great? Just exactly how you want it, with no pressure to sell a ton of books.

But pay me no mind. Get back to what needs do'in.

HemlockMan said...

Sorry about the heat and humidity. I'm not sorry that things aren't as horrible as they were the previous eight years. I know what you mean about the cats...we have three of them. My wife insisted on them all. I refuse to do the litter thang. But sometimes she intentionally leaves it for a few days (doesn't take long for stinky mass to reach critical with three cats) and I find myself taking care of the horrid chore. And then my wife goes, "You did it wrong! You didn't use the right kind of bags!" To which I reply: "Kiss my ass!"

eeTeeD said...

if the wife is away and you are playing bachelor, why weren't we all invited over for poker night?

Mark Martin said...

eeT... it's TOO HOT AND HUMID!!!

Actually, I woulda had you over if you could drive over. Maybe next time!

I did enjoy the peace and quiet, and watching Big Man Japan one night, and stuff like that.

eeTeeD said...

well, we all could have pretended, and played poker together on an online game site.

i guess the heat will be keeping you away from goschenhoppen.


dogboy443 said...

How about a copy of Peter Jackson's King Kong? How about a copy of Konga?

Mark Martin said...

Dogboy, if you really want the book it's yours. It's very good.

Take those monkey movies out and burn them! Or trade them for "Dunston Checks In" - a GOOD monkey movie!

~ tOkKa said...

-->> Miles's cover is " THIS MUST BE THE PLACE ".