facebook vs blogger

Thanks to everybody who made the effort to leave a comment and let me know you exist!

I'm not necessarily trying to decide which to keep and which to drop. Both services have their good points and their bad points.

Blogger bad points:
Signing in and going to the dashboard to post
Relatively few people actually go there
Inability to group art etc into albums
Having to use "captcha" to comment
Some of my friends and associates won't go there, even if I put a link on facebook.

Blogger good points:
All signal, no noise
larger, cleaner images
larger, cleaner messages
I have met some interesting and friendly people there
It's all about ME!

Facebook bad points:
crappy reduced, lo-res images
tiny posts
lots of noise vs signal
some of my friends and associates won't go there

Facebook good points:
lots of activity
I have met MORE interesting and friendly people there (quantity, not quality)
ability to group art etc into albums
I actually sold a lot of art there

Those last two Facebook good points are pretty powerful incentives to stay there. Facebook seems to be the only place where things happen for me right now. I was not even trying to sell art there, just started creating an album, and people started asking if the art was for sale. I sold it all at insanely low prices, so that explains why it all sold. But it DID sell, and when I posted about it on jabberous, I got exactly one inquiry and exactly one sale.

I'm not totally into this sort of thing for the money - in fact money is definitely not my main focus in social networking. But facebook beats jabberous for interacting with people too!

AND SO! From now until the paradigm shifts, I'm only going to use jabberous to post occasional hi-res pics.

My daily jabbering will be at facebook. If you like to check in here at jabberous every day, I'd love it if you'd follow me over there. If you hate "being on facebook" here is an idea:

  1. Create a fake profile on facebook
  2. Email me at lasagnalagna-at-yahoo-dot-com and tell me what the fake name is
  3. Send me a friend request on facebook, using the fake name account.
  4. Go to facebook instead of jabberous daily. All you will see is my posts, so it will be just like jabberous.

DISCLAIMER: I don't really have such a huge ego that I expect people to actually do all that just to read my posts. I'm just throwing out an idea for anybody who said "I hope you don't kill jabberous."

Feel free to explain to me why I should do things differently. But understand that I have my own goals, schedules etc that have to be considered.

I need to de-clutter my life.


HemlockMan said...

The BEST way to de-clutter yer life would be to turn off the Internet and just use the computer for work.

I like the blog. Keep it.

Facebook is just chatter.

slatts said...

Ditto to HemlockMan....Facebook drives me CRAZY!!!!

One plus about a dedicated blog--whatever format you use (I like Live-Journal because it's so html-friendly, blogger is not)--but if there's a place I can go just to see what you're up to, that's cool!

Facebook is like High School. I have wade through the crowded halls, cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium just find you among all those distracting classmates in between!

And many times, Facebook is just chatter.

Chris_Garrison said...

But on blogger, strangers from all over the place can stumble upon you. On facebook, they have to be your "friend" first, right?

My thought is that facebook is probably best for jabbering to friends. deviantart is probably best for showcasing art. blogger is nice for art if you have a new piece every week or something, but that's hard to keep up. Or if you want to constantly tell the world about your political views, or give tips on child rearing, so you can get lots of followers and make money on ads .. it's good for that stuff, I guess.

Chuck said...

You can feed your blog into your facebook "notes" so that each time you update your blog within a few hours it updates it on facebook. I have found that very handy and it helps turn some of the traffic back to your blog.

Chuck said...
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Colin Tedford said...

Aw dang, if I kept up with my internet reading I'd have left a comment at the other post. I don't have a Facebook profile & don't plan to; I put up an "artist page" for folks who like to follow things there, but that's as far as I'm going for now.

I don't visit here every day, I drop by when I see something from here pop up in the Trees & Hills newsbox. If I weren't doing that I'd follow through my RSS reader (which I don't think I can do with Facebook). Stuff on your blog will be picked up by Google et al; not sure about the Facebook (might depend on settings?).

You might check out Posterous, which would allow you to post to both with a single email.

molly said...

You know how I feel about facebook -- great for some, not for others. Clearly it works for you personally and professionally.

Facebook is a social whoring network and many (if not most) people are really attracted to that. Like a party where all of your friends, family, acquaintances and acquaintances' acquaintances can all get together and discuss their favorite foods that begin with the letter "D." At least it does keep conversation going and you meet lots of new people that way.

But some are going there to do just that (peruse their friend network) and you become one of many social whores trying to sell your social wares -- just a stop on the way to another.

Your blog, however, attracts viewers who specifically think "I want to see what Mark has to say today." And those of us who do not use Facebook might specifically think "I do not care about what other people have to say today."

That's my take anyway.

Oh man, this captcha thing is SUCH a PAIN! ;-)

eeTeeD said...

well, it's for the best.

my access to the internet is soon to be severely limited.

we'll have to keep in touch using email.

have fun on facebook.

The PC goddess said...

Nice blog and love the dedication. Looking forward to reading more in the future!