you will not be assimilated

On resistance to facebook:

If it's all the chatter, you can hide it.

If it's reluctance to sign up because you don't want to be rude to family, old friends etc when you fail to accept their request for friendship, use an alias.

If it's just stubborn resistance to something you don't want to do - Hey, I'm the same way! Screw it! If I don't wanta do it, I don't do it!

THANKS to everybody for your input, especially the new stuff I did not know, like Posterous. I will check into that when I have time to explore. And the stuff I have not thought of, like jabberous showing up in google searches and facebook possibly not showing up.

In other news - I'm re-vamping some old paintings, and will be posting here soon.


Jed said...

Facebook has been nothing but good for me aside from the amount of time I spend on Facebook. Since I got on Facebook I got in touch with old friends, apologized to people for things I did in elementary school that they don't remember and thus absolved myself of ancient guilt, got in touch with a good friend of mine I hadn't seen in 8 years (and got a chance to spend some time with them in real face-to-face reality despite our different locales), got my most high profile freelance gig, and there's a HUGE community of cartoonists on Facebook, people I really like but see very rarely at conventions and such. Its great to see what they're up to on a regular basis just as its great to see what Mark is up to.

I think this kind of "social whoring" (as it has been described) is a good thing for cartoonists and freelancers who otherwise tend to be isolated from their peers, and sometimes, human beings in general.

molly said...

I completely agree with you Jed. I realize the word "whore" itself can come across as harsh, but the intent wasn't to offend. Facebook is excellent for, I am guessing, MOST people. It's hard to state it clearly, but I'm trying to say that I don't like it but I can understand why others would.

Jed said...

Not offended, and I think it can be self-indulgent and often is, (whatever that means--one of those overused terms that has lost most of its meaning)

Anyway, like you can totally understand why people are into it, I can totally understand why you're not, and I find myself being a lot more defensive about this than I intend, or ever imagined that I would be. So maybe there's something for me to think about, there.

HemlockMan said...

I just like your regular ol' blog. I check in, very briefly, at Facebook because I have so many friends and family there. But I don't linger.