jabberous VS facebook problem SOLVED!

Thanks to Colin!

One last bit of cross-platforming, then I gotta go paint:

A week ago I commented on FB about how, according to my calculations, I have roughly 15,000 days left on this earth. Klaroline Klasterine wondered if that meant I would subject the universe to 15,000 more pithy comments.

As you can imagine, that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. So here they are, so far:

Pithy comment #1:
14,999 to go.

Pithy comment #2:
My cousin was so into playing army one time, he wouldn't go inside to use the toilet, and he ended up crapping his pants. True story. I was the runt of the litter, and I was to go inside and tell his older sister, the OLDEST of the litter, to sneak some clean pants out of the house for him. I remember him getting mad and swearing at her and threatening her that she "better not tell!"

Well, this story goes on and on, or it could, and I could reminisce about how I was thinking to myself at the time "What are you getting mad at her for, YOU crapped your pants!" but also feeling ...

I just got a notification that "Marek Bennett just commented on your status", so I better cut this short, and go ahead and explain what makes this pithy:

My cousin was so busy playing army he crapped his pants. See? It's like a little metaphor for human history!

14,998 to go.

Tolstoy didn't need an avatar to get his point across. And I don't need a pot to pith in.

14,997 to go

pithy post 4:
You could biologically or electronically somehow wire someone else's eyeballs into your optic nerve, so that you could truly look yourself in the eye, not just a reflection or a photograph - but the eyes you would be looking into would be disconnected, so that the eyes you are using could be hooked up, so why bother?
I'd rather be biologically or electronically somehow wired to a bird's eyes! So I could see what it is like to have a huge field of vision, and see what is behind me. And have extreme focusing powers so I could see a mouse in a field 100 yards away!

You know, just in case you were wondering what to get me for Christmas...

14,996 to go

#5 of 15,000 - collect them all:
You can lead a horse to water, but staying on land and going AROUND the lake will probably work better.

Some days you pith all over yourself, and some days you just don't feel pithy at all.

14,994 to go

Pithapalooza 7:
When I pick up my cat, she feels light as a feather. When I awake at 3:00 am and she is sitting on my hip, it feels like a boulder is crushing me. She ain't heavy, Father. Until 3:00 am!

14,993 to go



HemlockMan said...

Did you do all of those pithy comments one day at a time, or did you pile all seven of them in one day. If the latter, then you have a whole buttload more than 15K+or- to go.

Mark Martin said...

That makes the answer obvious!

Rick Grimes said...

#4:'You' hook up one eye and leave the other eye free for viewing the highly dubious & sanity-challenging results.