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Mark Martin said...

Cool! Posterous just posted this to facebook and to jabberous, automatically! This internet thing is amazing! Thanks for the tip, Colin T! Exclamation points galore!!!!

This will be the inside front cover and page 1 of the alleged "Around the USA" book. The original is reserved for Lightning Mark Masztal.

BTW, the left-hand page is lighter and shifted lower because that's the way it was in the original book.

HemlockMan said...

There's a fan down here who hits the comic shows who is...well...into scuba gear. He'd love to have that one, I'm sure.

Rick Grimes said...

Like Roger Ramjet on a sugared
cereal rush.

I'm actually beginning to work up a little saliva for the book.
Think I'll buy one.
There's something about yer 'new' with the 'old' of the backgrounds,(which remind me of mags I used to find in my gramma's house), and my still rather green amazement at seeing online imagery materialize into a tangible object.