Regular readers of this blog know there is an eerie amount of synchronicity that floats around in here. Yesterday I posted the Lost Treasure of 1978, and today I get this email from Eric Talbot:
Going through some folders and stumbled onto this.
Thought you might like a copy.
Did you do a fistacuffs 3 drawing???

No, I did not get my fighter done, and how in the heck did that old drawing end up in your folders? And what is it with 1978 this week?

Benny: Do you recognize this thing? I barely remember it. Was it for Southern Style?

Greg: If Spartacock made you think I was a child prodigy, this crappy gator gag should zap that notion right out of your head.

As long as we're in the wayback machine and as long as Benny got mentioned again, let's all slide into the rec room and listen to Benny belt out a classic from (somewhere around) 1978! eeTeed, you owe Benny a review - tell us what you think about this smooth crooning! And by the way, I accept your color-off challenge if Jed does.

AND FINALLY - Look what Wayno got off the google satellite thing. That's my house!


Marky Mark said...

duh, I just saw it - I got 1978 and 1987 mixed up!

Greg, this just proves I got WORSE as I grew older.

I have been through some pretty horrendous periods in my drawing life. I musta been very depressed when I drew that piece of shit.

eeTeeD said...

is that really OUR benny? he has a great singing voice. very clear and he hits all the high notes. when he gets to the “hooks” you want to chime in and harmonize with him.
is there an album of his singing?

SRBissette said...

Huh, you're bumming over a mere number transposition? After posting an aerial photo of yer home, I'd be more worried about a Taliban rocket slamming into your studio, Pumpie.

- Bleating Sheep Bisman

Benny said...

Hey Pumpie! If you zoom in real close on your roof you can see that sock I threw up there three years ago!

And HERE'S ONE! Have you ever thought about how much you and Mr. Peabody "favor" (as they say in the South)?
See attachment under different "cover".

Benny said...

And by the way, I've never seen that cartoon.
I don't get it.
Are you referring to the "flushed" baby alligators coming out of the sewer?
Is that an escalator they're coming from?


I don't, however, see any reason that depression would be linked to the creation of this cartoon. I happen to like the alligators.

Marky Mark said...

The hotel guy told the worker guy to install ELEVATORS, but the worker guy installed ALLIGATORS.

Benny, you really should have gotten that. It's stupid, but way gettable. Are you okay?

eeTeeD - there are in fact TWO Chevy 6 albums. Actually they are CDs now, but back then the one that song is from was a real genuine vinyl lp. I don't know if Benny has any for sell but I'll be glad to bootleg a few songs for you if you want me to.

That gator toon totally sucks. It is very over-drawn for a gag, and that running guy looks like - ugh, I can't talk about it. If you don't see it, you need to change your filter.

Marky Mark said...

YOW!!! The Mr Peabody thing Benny sent is fuktup on many levels. I'll have to jabber about that one, probably next week. Too busy to keep jabbering here right now... but thanks, Benny.

eeTeeD said...

well, yes i would like to hear more of benny's music... but i would also like to learn more about the history of his music career.

any sites online about this you can direct us to?

Marky Mark said...

Wow, I thought you knew!

Actually here's a bunch of mp3s you can sample and/or steal

Name Game is the best! Don't you remember when I posted Name Game?

BonzoGal said...

Time for Jabberous talent show! I'll go get my theramin.

greg said...

I can kind of see why you might not be too fond of this drawing, knowing what you're capable of. But considering that most of your work looks like you used a pen with some kind of crazy magical powers, even your bad stuff is a level above most cartoonists.

Then again, you know what they say about opinions...

greg said...

Oh, Mark, speaking of your art... was I supposed to have already received my copy of Runaway #3 for my contribution of (4) circus fans? Or have you not gotten your copies from Fantagraphics yet? Just curious.

eeTeeD said...

i am under the impression that the theramin is played only by very hot russian chicks, so i guess we can assume that bonzogal falls into that category.

Marky Mark said...

All Runaways are in the mail. Should be there any minute!

The one to Iceland and the one to Paris may take a little while longer.

eeTeeD said...

???!!! you had to send them that far away???
i feel terrible for imposing on you like that! (bows head in shame)

eeTeeD said...

mark, i just got the copy of runaway #3 you mailed me! many thanks to you! it's even better the second time around, and since i already had a copy i can now read it in STEREO!
thanks again!