More SENSATIONAL JUMBO FUNNY CARDS! I love the way that guy is Casper-walking through the closed MEN door!

Are there two artists at work here? Or one guy copping different styles? I'm starting to think there's one bigfoot guy and one Bill Ward wantabe.


Wayno said...

It may be cartoon sacrilege to say this, but I find most of Bill Ward's stuff to be extremely unappealing. It's all too pointy!

That said, your SENSATIONAL JUMBO FUNNY CARDS are quite a find! I'd say there were at least two artists working on these. The woman in the "knockers" gag looks like a really lazy Capp/Frazetta swipe.

I just noticed that the envelope touts these as being "in color!"

HemlockMan said...

It was a swinging door that just closed behind him. He didn't walk through it.

But the illustration reminds me of the joke that M.Emmet Walsh tells at the beginning of RAISING ARIZONA.

slatts said...

Who cares about perspective drawing and such when you're creating JUMBO FUNNY CARDS!

Like Wayno sez: Whatta Find!