Coo d-grah! I saved the best SENSATIONAL JUMBO FUNNY CARD for last, meaning the little Martianoid nudist guy. Excellent use of the Colors!

I have 2-count 'em-2 copies of eeTeeD's "Poppa's Tales" comic left. Speak up if you want one. Everybody who already asked, I'm mailing them out this weekend. Be sure to send some reaction back, as I am sure it would be appreciated. I'll hold off on any comments myself, so as not to influence unduly.


HemlockMan said...


You want reaction?

We got reaction.

Wayno said...

You have to admire their restraint in the use of the second ink color...

That little nudist guy is WEIRD looking!

The Sensational Jumbo Funny Cards sure lived up to their name.