slatts said...

This backwards stuff is really crazy. It actually puts you in the same bit of anticipation going forward might.

I mean, we know Gabby finds some sorta Black Messiah or just some baby-dude who'll grow up to be a leprechaun or a leader of the gay-pride movement. But I'm sitting on the edge of my chair here wondering where and why and how the Hell Gabby comes on this rainbow. And is it only him that sees it. Or he's walking around like Bob Dylan in his WWIII blues "with no one else around."

Questions, questions, questions. 'Guess we just need to wait and see,

Kerfuffle said...

Seriously? You plan on not posting a single thing except for 'Crazy Boss' for the next 2 or possibly 3 years. Where will I form my opinions on all subjects, both important and useless? Who will inform me of tasteless food products from the South, or complete my day with a quick but masterful monster doodle? While I AM enjoying 'Crazy Boss.' to have it exclude all other communication from you for such a length of time is a sad thing. A sad thing, indeed.

Mark Martin said...

slatts, THANK YOU for getting it!

Kerfuffle, I agree it is more fun to post doodles and knik-knaks, but at the end of the year what is there to show for it? And I really do have this pretty cool story in my head, so it's time for 99% perspiration.

You can still look here in the comments section for opinion-forming jabber. Right now it's what I'm NOT saying that matters, since I am steadfastly ignoring all attempts to get me to jabber about our president. I am still in wait-and-see mode, as everyone should be. All of the dreamy-eyed Reverend Moonie crap is still creeping me out.

But that's just politics. What's really important is this cup I have that has a little puppy inside it. As you drink the contents down, the little puppy is revealed. Cool, huh?

UNLESS! Unless you are LEFT-handed! Then all you see is a blank white cup wall! You may not even know the puppy is there at all, unless somebody sitting across the table from you sees it and tells you.

Is this fair? Is this AMERICA????

See? You can still come here for thinky things!

Bill Anderson said...

Also on the plus side, I think posts are a lot more frequent now. And while I am a big fan of Everything (especially the series entries) and the random Jabberous posts, I think their loss is more than balanced out by the quality of this work and the fact that it can result in an actual new Mark Martin book.

Jed said...

Are you some kind of anti-left, leftamist discriminator? A Southerner against south paws? Who says I can't read the cup on the wall? Who says I can't see the puppy?

I be insulted.

Mark Martin said...

You do realize that, by turning the cup around to hold the handle with your left hand, the puppy is on the BACK OF the wall nearest you, right? So, unless you have X-ray vision, you do not see the puppy.

I am trying to help you pathetic loser lefties! Where else is anyone going public with this puppy cup outrage? You should be sending me money, instead of whining.

Hi Bill. I'm glad you like the story so far. Next week the BOSS finally appears.

Jed said...

Instead of engaging in anti-right-handed rhetoric, I choose to handle this the Obama way.

Right handers: we, are not, your enemy.

Instead I invite you to join us:


We used to have good right-hand, left-hand relations. We can have them again.

By diplomatic means, we can discuss the puppy freely and openly. Between sips, I can put my cup on the table, turn it around to face me and see the puppy without obstruction.

Also I was finding this whole "cup wall" thing very confusing because I kept picturing an actual puppy rather than a picture of a puppy, maybe a ceramic puppy or aquatic puppy. See what happens when we listen instead of dictate?

And I Like your cityscape. It's very Red Grooms' Ruckus Manhattany.

Emery Calame said...

I think the visual obscuration problems, that left handed people experience, with "right handed puppy gradual revelation vessels"
(such as cups or glasses), might be resolved by using a mirror that the left handed person could look at while quaffing their beverages, or libations, or whatever the kids are calling discrete quantities of potable fluid these days.

Think of the mirror as a metaphorical wheel chair, only for something much less debilitating than a limp.